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Using Excel Formulas with Xceed Workbooks for .NET in C#

Xceed Workbooks for .NET allow developers to easily create advanced spreadsheet-like calculations and sophisticated charting applications. All this is possible by using the advanced formula engine, which supports numeric, logical, string and DateTime calculations. In addition, you can use its built-in collection of functions to easily access data values within your workbook, as well as use external data sources using various built-in connectors.

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How to indent content in a DocX file using Xceed Words for .NET

To indent content using Xceed Words for .NET in C#, you can use the Paragraph.IndentationFirstLine or Paragraph.IndentationHanging properties to set the indentation level for a paragraph. Here's how...

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Fall Release 2022

A quick overview of this year’s Fall release, which updates most of our products!

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Quick and Easy Way of Opening xlsx excel documents in C#

Manipulating xlsx files in .NET can appear complicated and tedious however, doing so only requires a few lines of codes while using Xceed Workbooks for .NET.

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Xceed Summer Update! 2022

First, all our popular products have received: features, updates, bug fixes and performance enhancements. We’re also already testing our products for .NET 7, which will be released this November 2022. We want to reassure our users that Xceed will fully support .NET 7. You can find out more about .NET 7 here:

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Searching and Cell Error Styles in DataGrid for WPF

How to use the search control and the cell error styles in the grid.

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Filtering in Xceed DataGrid for WPF

How to use the filtering options in the grid.

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