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A career at Xceed ?

New projects, new products, R & D, optimization, new technological environment, new markets: many aspects that may require the recruitment of full-time and part-time employees, and as many consultants. If you intend to change careers or start a new one, visit our website and find out if you have any training and personality that might be right for us. If you have a degree from a respected university, some talent (and some talent) with computers and a desire to please sophisticated customers, Xceed can be an interesting alternative, filled with challenges.

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We are located in Canada (near Montreal): knowledge of several languages is an undeniable asset. Professional experience is still a significant criterion, but there may be exceptions. And if you can make us laugh, it helps ! Religion, gender, race, and sexual orientation are, of course, irrelevant: on the contrary, we encourage and value diversity.

The more different we are, the more valuable our life experience can be, the more fun we will have !

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