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Xceed : Always at the right time

Our story

Xceed initially set out to satisfy basic needs expressed by businesses that required more functionality and performance out of their data management software tools to handle large sets of data. This led to the development of sophisticated Zip/Unzip utilities, then to security-related communication tools and, finally, to complex UI components. Xceed products quickly became popular among the international community of programmers. Xceed catered to programmers that were eager to explore new venues, to learn about new solutions, to use efficient, reliable software that would save them time and efforts in the development of new projects.

Eventually, we evolved with time to become a leader in the world of components in the .Net, WPF environments, and all this because of word-of-mouth! That's right, our success has mainly been supported by the validation and endorsement of programmers to their community!

Today, Xceed's clients include many of the top Fortune-500 companies and we are constantly expanding our markets and our line of products to address our clients' current and future needs. Our thousands of clients are spread over the five continents and across many industries.

Xceed is considered among the best in the industry for quality components and reputation, and we owe it all to our fellow programmers & developers, customers and partners that have helped us improve our products in unison! It has always been obvious to us that we must go forward hand in hand with our customers ("Pari Passu").

Join more than 100,000 satisfied customers now!

Bank of America
JP Morgan