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The testimonials of our clients

IBM U2 researched existing third-party solutions and identified Xceed DataGrid for WPF as the most suitable tool. The datagrid’s performance and solid foundation take true advantage of WPF and provide the extensibility required for IBM U2 customers to take their applications to the next level in presentation design and styling.

Vinnie Smith IBM

We’ve been using the Xceed Zip for ActiveX in one of our applications for close to 10 years and are very happy with it.

David Scofields Galileo International (Colorado, USA), Systems Engineer

I found your documentation and code examples to be excellent. I was mainly interested in Xceed FTP for .NET and I did spend quite a bit of time using the Snippet Explorer. I would rate you guys with a A+ for documentation, working samples and a great selection of components.

Richard Moore Naxos (USA), Senior .NET Developer

A very good – solid and dependable grid! Thanks!

John M. Anderson Cape Fear Tutoring (North Carolina, USA), Software developer

The level of support and flexibility I have received from Xceed, as well as the quality of their .NET controls (Xceed Grid for WinForms and the compression library), really played no small part in the success my team has been allowed to achieve. The support we received was both timely and well-informed coming from several people within your organization. It has been a pleasure working with such a quality group of people.

James Cox Restaurant Technology, Inc (USA)

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