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Xceed Fall Update! 2021
November 4th 2021

Xceed Fall Update

 Summer being already behind us, it's time to update you, our users and potential users, about what has been going on at Xceed. In short, most of our products have received significant updates in the last few months and we recently introduced a brand new product in our ever-evolving line of components.

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Xceed Summer Update! 2021

We have been working really hard recently to bring you new versions of some of your favorite products and make sure that they are all compatible with .NET 5.0.

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Xceed Spring Update! 2021

We have been really busy at Xceed working on improvements to most of our products from Xceed DataGrid for WPF, Toolkit, Zip, sFTP, Words for .NET.

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New Release and New Product to begin 2021!

First release of 2021 includes a new product and much more!

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A day in the life of your Xceed team

We are parents, brothers, sisters, kids, business owners, employees.

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10 Years!

Diane and André celebrate their 10th year at Xceed!

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