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Business Suitefor WPF

Starting at
$1,409.95 US

Business Suitefor WPF

Starting at
$1,409.95 US

An essential set of 117 high-quality, high-performance WPF controls, panels and themes. Includes the industry’s most widely appreciated WPF datagrid. Backed by a responsive support and development team whose sole ambition is your complete satisfaction.

  • 117 WPF controls

  • 11 themes

  • Updated often

Match the vision you have for your WPF application’s user experience, and surpass corporate expectations.

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This set of meticulously crafted WPF controls fills in the gaps in WPF and also provides the industry’s most-adopted and updated WPF datagrid. Professional-quality themes are also included to style your entire WPF application, for a refined look and feel.


Includes the fast, powerful and mature Xceed DataGrid for WPF. The only WPF datagrid that provides a rich, fluid and high performance user experience. It has the richest feature set with over 185 capabilities and provides advanced smooth scrolling and zero-lag data virtualization.


Includes Xceed Toolkit Plus for WPF, the most widely used collection of WPF controls, panels and themes for creating next generation Windows applications. Downloaded over 1 million times.


Lets your developers or designers style any WPF app in minutes with beautiful, polished themes, creating uniform user interfaces for commercial applications. Includes Windows 10, Metro, Office, Windows 8 and Windows 7 and some original designer-created themes.


Xceed are not only WPF pioneers, having released the first commercial WPF control back in 2007, but have also been making libraries and controls for Windows developers for over 20 years. Xceed controls and libraries have been trusted and used in countless bank, insurance, military, government applications, and also by Microsoft in Windows, Visual Studio, Office, and more.


Xceed WPF controls are updated often and our technical support team stands by to help you and your development team with any questions or issues you have, so you can finish your WPF projects on time.

Features :

  • All controls created entirely for WPF and built for all .NET 4.X versions, .NET Core 3.0 and up, and written in C# and XAML. .NET/WPF 2.0/3.5 builds are available.

  • Can be used in conjunction with the MVVM and MVC design and architectural patterns.

  • Source code available with the Blueprint Subscription.

  • Controls support UI virtualization.

  • Design-time support.

  • CLS compliant, uses no unsafe blocks. No special permissions are required, can run within limited permission sets.

  • Based on a flexible and extensible object model, with modular and reusable visual elements.

  • Supports the WPF command infrastructure.

  • Comprehensive documentation fully integrated into Visual Studio is provided.

  • Supports Right-To-Left and Inking.

  • Supports regional settings including numbers, money type, dates, etc.

  • All error handling works through .NET exception classes.

  • Can also be used in your Windows Forms applications.

  • Includes Xceed DataGrid for WPF, the most powerful and most used datagrid for WPF. 100% stylable and templatable, and features rich in-place editing, powerful grouping and hierachical master/detail views, zero-lag data virtualization, and many other features.

  • Includes Xceed Toolkit Plus for WPF, which provides 93 user interface controls, panels, themes and tools. It is the number one WPF control toolkit for creating next-generation Windows applications.

  • Includes Xceed Pro Themes for WPF, that lets you theme your entire WPF application in only a few minutes. Provides 11 themes meticulously created, and backed, by Xceed’s experienced WPF technical design and graphic artist teams.

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