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$329.95 US


Create or manipulate Microsoft Excel documents from your .NET applications, without the need for Excel or Office to be installed. This is a fast and lightweight component, backed by a responsive support and development team whose sole ambition is your complete satisfaction.

  • Brand new product!

  • Easy-to-use API similar to its parent application : Xceed Words for .NET.

  • Ongoing development. New versions should be released regularly. 

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Complete control

With its easy-to-use API, Xceed Workbooks for .NET lets your application create or modify Microsoft Excel .xlsx documents and gives you complete control over the content of the documents. It lets you modify the content of cells and the size of columns and rows, create formatted tables, set and calculate basic formulas, load data from the web and add elements like pictures and hyperlinks.

You can also customize the appearance of your worksheets, style the content of cells, rows or columns using different fonts, alignments and formatting settings as well as use some of the many other features included in Microsoft Excel, like moving, removing or copying worksheets between different workbooks.

It’s also a great reporting tool

Indeed, Xceed Workbooks for .NET lets you create company reports that you first design with the familiar and rich editing capabilities of Microsoft Excel instead of with a reporting tool’s custom editor. You can then use the designed document as a template that you programmatically customize before sending each report out.

You can also use Xceed Workbooks for .NET to programmatically create invoices, add data to spreadsheets, and more.

Created by experts

Developed by the team behind our Xceed Words for .NET product, the development of this product has benefited greatly from all the years spent working on its parent application. We made sure that the most needed & requested features were included from the get-go and brand-new possibilities will be added as we receive new requests & comments from our users.


Note that there is no refund for this product.

Características :

  • Diseño orientado a objetos creado específicamente para el marco (“framework”) .NET.

  • Compatible con .NET6 y admite .NET5, .NET 4.0 y versiones posteriores, .NET Standard y .NET Core 2.0, ASP.NET 4.0 y versiones posteriores y también con Visual Studio 2010 y versiones posteriores.

  • Soporte paraNET, C# y C++ administrado.

  • Código 100% administrado, escrito en C#.managed code, written in C#.

  • Código fuente incluido con la suscripción Blueprint.

  • Manejo de errores exclusivamente a través de clases de excepción .NET.

  • No es necesario desechar explícitamente los objetos.

  • Cumple con CLS (Especificación de lenguaje común) sin bloques inseguros, para requisitos mínimos de permisos.

  • Documentación integrada en Visual Studio.

  • Incluye una aplicación de muestra comentada que demuestra cada función al crear o modificar archivos de documentos de Excel.

  • La compilación .NET 4.X se compila utilizando el perfil de cliente de .NET.

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