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5 Octubre 2022

October 5th, 2022 Release

Xceed Workbooks for .NET 1.3
  • The .NET Standard version of this product is no longer supported. The .NET5 version should be used instead.

  • Workbooks now supports notes and comments.

  • Workbooks now contains a Workbook protection system that restricts modifications.

  • The name of a Workbook is now an available property.

  • It is now possible to partially format the text inside of a Cell.

  • A new class, called CellHelper, now offers conversion methods like ConvertNumberToLetter() and ConvertLetterToNumber().

  • New methods have been added in the ColorHelper class to help with the manipulation of the indexed color palette.

  • In Row, Column, Worksheet, Workbook and Ranges, a new method, called Clear, can now be used to clear some parts of the targeted element.

  • In Worksheet, Workbook, Column, Row and all types of Ranges (CellRange, RowRange, ColumnRange, WorksheetRange), a new method, called ReplaceContent, can now be used to replace the content of a Cell with a new value.

  • Macros that do not use definedNames are now preserved when loading a document.

  • When raised, exceptions that are related to one of the main elements of a Worksheet (Cell, Row, Column, etc) will now provide as much details as possible on the source of the problem.

  • In Alignment, the RotationAngle property can now be used to rotate the content of a Worksheet.

  • In Annotation, deleting a Row or Column which contains Notes or Comments now removes said Notes or Comments during the deletion.

  • In AnnotationCollection, new methods are now available to remove specific Notes or Comments from the collection.

  • In Cell, a new property, called DataType, can now be used to retrieve the type of values in a Cell.

  • In ColorHelper, the ToColor(Workbook, ThemeColor) method now returns the ThemeColor's color by getting the value of its Tint property.

  • In Column, a new property, called IdName, can now return the index of a Column as a letter.

  • In Column, the ColumnCellCollection now uses a cache to retrieve its Cells faster.

  • In Column, a Column that follows multiple Columns with the same settings now hides correctly when its IsHidden property is set to true.

  • In Column, consecutive Columns who have the same styles are no longer duplicated in the resulting inner .xml file.

  • In Column and ColumnRange, a new property, called IsHidden, can now be used to decide if Columns are hidden or not.

  • In Column and Row, Autofit now works properly with FormattedText.

  • In Font, modifying the font in a Cell, Row or Column when the document already contains specific default Font values no longer resets the font’s name to Calibri and its size to 11.

  • In FormattedText, the constructor receiving a Font now uses a copy of the Font, thus preventing any future modification of that Font from having an impact on the FormattedText.

  • In Hyperlink, a new constructor can now be used in order to create a hyperlink that will be used with the ReplaceContent method.

  • In Hyperlink, the TextToDisplay property no longer overwrites the value of the Cell associated with the Hyperlink.

  • In HyperlinkCollection, Remove methods are now available to remove specific Hyperlinks.

  • In MergedCellCollection, a new method, called Remove, is now available to remove a CellRange from the merged Cells.

  • In Note, a Note can now be modified when its Protection property is set and its associated Worksheet has a protection.

  • In Note, a Note will now correctly resize to fit the size of its text by taking into account the "∕n" when the IsAutoFit property is set to .

  • In Picture, the Picture.DrawingClientData.LocksWithSheet property is now called Picture.DrawingClientData.Locked.

  • In Picture, a Picture can now be modified when the Picture.DrawingClientData.Locked property is set to false and the associated Worksheet has a protection.

  • In Picture, an invalid Column or Row Id exception is no longer raised when the top left and bottom right corners of a Picture are both located in the same Column or Row.

  • In Picture and Table, a document no longer gets corrupted when both a Picture and a formatted Table are added in a Worksheet.

  • In PictureCollection, new methods are now available to remove specific Pictures.

  • In Protection, loading a protected document containing Tables no longer raises a validation exception.

  • In Row, using the AutoFit method along with text wrapping now calculates the number of text lines properly.

  • In Row, the height of the highest Cell will now be returned based on either the font or the text wrapping settings when the Height property is not set. In both cases, the minimum return value will be the Row’s default Height.

  • In Row and RowRange, a new property, called IsHidden, can now be used to decide if Rows are hidden or not.

  • In SheetView, new properties are now available to set views and determine their Zoom level.

  • In SheetView, two new properties, called FrozenColumns and FrozenRows, are now available to freeze Columns or Rows in a Worksheet.

  • In SheetView, two new properties, called SplitColumns and SplitRows, are now available to add a vertical or horizontal split in the SheetView.

  • In Style, a new property, called Protection, can now be used to protect or unprotect specific Cells in a protected Worksheet.

  • In Style, a new property, called BuiltinType, now allows the use of Excel’s built-in styles inside of Workbooks.

  • In Style, using a style on Columns or Rows now merges that style with the one that is already set on their Cells.

  • In Style, using text wrapping on Columns in which data is imported now correctly styles the Column's Cells.

  • In Style, indexed colors can now be read from a document, thus preventing the corruption of said document when it is saved.

  • In Table, a new property, called StyleName, can now be used to apply a custom style on a Table.

  • In Table, modifying one Table when a document contains multiple Tables no longer results in a corrupted document caused by two Tables having the same Id.

  • In Table, adding a new Table which intersects with an existing Table now raises an InvalidOperationException.

  • In TableCollection, new methods are now available to remove a Table from a Worksheet.

  • In TableCollection, the Remove method that uses an index to identify the Worksheet that will be removed is now named RemoveAt.

  • In Workbook, loading a document that contains FormattedText will now read all of the blocks of text in said document.

  • In Workbook, loading and saving a document with definedNamesno longer results in a corrupted document.

  • In WorkbookThemeColor, the ThemeColor’s types for foreground and background are no longer inverted. /li>

  • In Worksheet, new methods are now available to protect or unprotect a Worksheet. This protection can be implemented with or without a password.

  • In Worksheet, a new property, called Visibility, can now be used to determine the way in which the Worksheet will be displayed.

  • In Worksheet, the ReplaceContent method is now optimized to replace content faster.

  • In Worksheet, conditional formatting is now preserved in the final document.

  • In Worksheet, inserting Columns or Rows when Cells are styled no longer throws an exception.

  • In WorksheetCollection, WorksheetRanges can now be retrieved in order to act on multiple Worksheets at the same time. This can be useful to do things like modifying the visibility of the selected Worksheets, changing the color of their tabs and moving or removing multiple Worksheets at the same time.

  • In WorksheetCollection, the Remove method that uses an index to identify the Worksheet that will be removed is now named RemoveAt.

  • In WorksheetCollection, calling a copy of a Worksheet that contains Tables now copies the Table's custom Styles and no longer results in a corrupted document.

Xceed Words for .NET 2.4
  • The .NET Standard version of this product is no longer supported. The .NET5 version should be used instead.

  • The size of the CheckBoxes will now stay the same if they are created in Xceed’s Words and then edited with Microsoft Word.

  • In Container, Document and Paragraph, the old ReplaceText and ReplaceTextWithObject methods are now obsolete. Two new methods, with the same name but with only one parameter called replaceTextOptions, were created as a replacement.

  • In Document, calling a ReplaceText() method multiple times on a big Document is now faster.

  • In Document, using the InsertContent() method for inserting HTML content now works with non-English characters.

  • In Document, loading a .docm document and using the Save() method will now save the document as a .docm document.

  • In Document, looping through Paragraphs and retrieving the next Paragraph when the current one is empty does no longer create an infinite loop.

  • In Document, inserting or removing Paragraphs, Tables or Lists no longer results in an ArgumentOutOfRangeException.

  • In Paragraph, two new properties, called StartIndex and EndIndex, are now available to find out where a Paragraph is located in the Document.

  • In Paragraph, the InsertPageCount and AppendPageCount methods now include a new parameter, called useSectionPageCount, that allows to count the pages in the Section or in the Document.

  • In Paragraph, the correct Paragraphs are now returned when the NextParagraph and PreviousParagraph properties are used in context of Headers or Footers.

  • In Paragraph, acting on a paragraph no longer removes the values in the NextParagraph and PreviousParagraph properties.

  • In Paragraph, calling the Spacing method or using a Formatting object that has a value in its Spacing property no longer raises an exception saying that the value must be between -1585 and 1585 when it actually is.

  • In Paragraph, setting the value of a SpacingAfter or SpacingBefore to 0 when the value is already 0 no longer results in a NullRefException.

  • In PDF Conversion, adjustments have been made to improve thread-safety.

  • In PDF Conversion, converting a Document that contains many Pictures, Shapes or Tables is now faster.

  • In PDF Conversion, Tables using a WrapStyle will now be converted to PDF.

  • In PDF Conversion, Pictures located inside of a Header or Footer are now displayed in the final PDF document.

  • In PDF Conversion, the resulting PDF now respects more closely the line spacing settings found in the original Document when specific line spacing values were used for Paragraphs.

  • In PDF Conversion, texts located inside of Tables are no longer cut during the conversion process.

  • In PDF Conversion, a Paragraph which contains Pictures but no text will no longer have an empty line after the Pictures.

  • In PDF Conversion, the height of Cells that are inside a Table no longer takes too much space when said Cells have padding.

  • In PDF Conversion, the keepLines tag now reads its value attribute to determine if the Paragraph’s lines must be kept together. Because of this, the final PDF documents are no longer missing pages.

  • In PDF Conversion, the content of a Table that has a single Row is no longer repeated on every page when that Table is split over multiple pages.

  • In PDF Conversion, the text displayed on the last pages is no longer cut when a Table is split on more than two pages.

  • In PDF Conversion, unnecessary spacing is no longer added during the conversion process when a Table has a Cell that contains a single Paragraph with a LineSpacingAfter value but no text.

  • In PDF Conversion, replacing text and converting a Document to PDF when Paragraphs containing Images are split on two pages no longer repeats the Paragraphs in the resulting PDF.

  • In PDF Conversion, a StackOverflow exception is no longer thrown when a big image is converted.

  • In PDF Conversion, Tables with a null TableLook no longer throw a NullRefException when they are converted to PDF.

  • In PDF Conversion, OutOfRange exceptions are no longer thrown when the Document that is converted contains no Section.

  • In Table, Pictures are now displayed when a Table is inserted inside of a Header or Footer.

  • In Table, inserting or removing Rows or Columns now updates the paragraph count in the Document.

  • In Table, retrieving Pictures from a Table when the Table is located inside of a Header or Footer no longer raises an exception.

Xceed Toolkit Plus for WPF 4.5
  • In AvalonDock, the DockingManager now includes four new events, called PreviewFloat, Floated, PreviewDock and Docked, which track the floating and docking process of a LayoutAnchorable or LayoutDocument.

  • In AvalonDock, hovering over the application's taskbar icon will now show all of the DockingManager’s floating windows along with the application's main window.

  • In AvalonDock, floating LayoutAnchorables that are docked as tabbed documents now dock back properly into the DockingManager when it has no children.

  • In AvalonDock, when floating, maximizing, and minimizing Layout windows, the FloatingHeight and FloatingWidth properties now return the correct values.

  • In AvalonDock, selecting a LayoutContent that has its Content property set to null will now properly select that LayoutContent.

  • In AvalonDock, a LayoutAnchorable no longer docks to itself when docking a FloatingAnchorable that was floated from a LayoutDocumentPane where it was a unique child.

  • In AvalonDock, when a Layout is floated and closed, its IsFloating property is now set to false.

  • In AvalonDock, all of the parent's InputBindings are now used by the floating windows.

  • In AvalonDock, reloading an application that contains LayoutDocumentFloatingWindows now keeps the InputBindings active in the floating windows.

  • In AvalonDock, resetting the layout with a default file no longer throws a NullRefException.

  • In AvalonDock, an exception is no longer thrown when undocking tabbed LayoutItems that are not contained in a DocumentPaneTabPanel.

  • In CollectionControl, cancelling no longer removes child items from the Collection.

  • In DateTimePicker, an exception is no longer thrown when the calendar popup is opened.

  • In DockingManager, a new property, called AllowMovingFloatingWindowWithKeyboard, is now available to determine if a floating window control can be moved with the keyboard’s arrow keys or not.

  • The DropDownButton no longer closes when the child ContextMenu is opened.

  • In ExtendedTabControl, two new buttons, called AddButton and RemoveButton, have been added in order to add or remove TabItems. Two new properties have also been added to get or set the buttons’ visibility.

  • In ExtendedTabControl, new properties have been added to get or set the TabItems’ minimum or maximum width and height.

  • In ExtendedTabControl, it is now possible to drag and drop between TabItems.

  • In LayoutFloatingWindowControl, LayoutAnchorableFloatingWindowControl and LayoutDocumentFloatingWindowControl, a new property, called ResizeBorderThickness, can now be used to get or set the width of the border that is used to resize a floating window.

  • In PropertyGrid, a new editor, the CheckComboBoxEditor, is now available for Enum properties that use "Flags".

  • In PropertyGrid, using the SelectedObjectsOverride property with many items now loads the PropertyItems faster and then fills up their values.

  • In PropertyGrid, using the mouse wheel over the vertical splitter that is located between the PropertyNames and PropertyValues now allows to scroll vertically.

  • In PropertyGrid, using the SelectedObjectsOverride property along with the ShowTitle property set to false no longer displays the title before hiding it and creating a flicker.

  • When using the Office 2007 themes, WatermarkComboBox now displays the selected item if the IsEditable property is set to true.

Xceed DataGrid for WPF 7.1
  • DataGrid for WPF now supports the .NET 5 Framework

  • DataGrid for WPF now includes two new themes: Material Design and Fluent Design.

  • In DataGridControl, a new property, called AllowUIAutomation, now allows to enable or disable UI Automation support.

  • In ColumnFilterControl, the column filter popup may now be closed with the Esc key.

  • The DataGridControl’s SelectedItems collection has been improved to offer better performance when verifying the presence of an item via the Contains method.

  • The columns will now be reordered properly when the ScrollViewer’s panning mode is set to both and touch is used to interact with the Grid.

  • Scrolling in the Grid after a search no longer throws a NullRefException.

  • An exception is no longer thrown when a data item property is changed in a UI Automation context.

Xceed Zip for .NET 7.1
  • Multi-threading is now supported when zipping into split .zip files

  • It is now possible to force the zipping process to write the .zip file in a streaming way if the file is not seekable.

  • It is now possible to create self-extracting .zip files when using the .NET standard version of the component on Windows.

  • A new utility class, called BZip2File, has been added to easily create and manipulate BZip2 files using the Xceed.FileSystem interface.

  • The FileSystemEvents.AddingItemToProcess event will now remember changes made to the userData parameter.

  • In DiskFile and DiskFolder, the Universal Time Coordinated (UTC) date/time is now supported.

  • Warnings will no longer appear when compiling under .NET5 & using NuGet packages later on.

  • A System.NotSupportedException will no longer be thrown when creating a new ZipWriterMultiThreadManager object on machines that have more than 64 logical processors.

  • Reading from a GZipCompressedStream object will no longer throw a NullRefException.

  • In ZipArchive, the DefaultEncryptionPassword and DefaultDecryptionPassword properties no longer throw a NullRefException when the null value is used because the value is now interpreted as an empty string.

Xceed Zip for ActiveX 6.5
  • Updating a .zip file that has compatible encryption and the File Times extra header no longer corrupts the items.

14 Mayo 2022

May 14th, 2022 Release

Xceed Workbooks for .NET 1.2
  • The .Net5/6/Standard version of Workbooks no longer depends on the System.Drawing.Common package because, starting at .NET6, this package supports only the Windows OS.

  • Text direction can now be set from right to left for languages that require it.

  • Border, Fill, Font and Worksheet can now use either ThemeColor or the more standard Color to customize the colors of different objects.

  • In CellRange, ColumnRange and RowRange, the Style property can now be used to modify a style on a group of Cells, Columns or Rows.

  • In CellRange, ColumnRange and RowRange, the new Elements property now returns all the Cells, Columns or Rows from the range.

  • In Column, the AutoFit method no longer shrinks a column’s Width to 0 when the column has no cell values.

  • In Columns, the speed for inserting or deleting columns has been improved.

  • In ColumnRange, setting the new Width property can modify the width of all columns in the range; getting it can retrieve the common width of columns in the range.

  • In Row and RowRange, the AutoFit() method can now be called to adjust the height of the row (or rows) automatically.

  • In RowRange, setting the new Height property can modify the height of all rows in the range; getting it can retrieve the common height of rows in the range.

  • It is now possible to retrieve RowRanges using the new indexer in RowCollection, which accepts a startRowId and a EndRowId.

  • A new ColorHelper class is now available to convert a color between ThemeColor, int, argb, Color or an HTML string.

  • In HyperlinkCollection, optimizations were made in order to improve the loading and saving time for workbooks containing many hyperlinks.

  • Workbooks now has a MergedCellCollection class that will be used to merge and center the cells in a worksheet.

  • In Picture, saving is now optimized so that it doesn’t re-write pictures when they remain unchanged.

  • In Picture, the Format property is now of type PictureFormat instead of ImageFormat.

  • Picture now has customizable properties.

  • Styles were refactored in order to take less memory in the user's application when they stay untouched.

  • Style, Cells, Columns, Rows, ColumnRanges, RowRanges or CellRanges can now have Borders, which have a line style and a color and can be outside, inside, in diagonal or on the four sides of an element.

  • In Styles, optimizations were made in order to reduce delays when many styles are being modified or when a document is saved once many styles have been modified.

  • In Style, a new method, called RevertToDefault(), now sets the style of the cell, row or column back to its default value.

  • In Style, a new property, called Alignment.IsTextWrapped, can now be used to wrap text in a cell.

  • In Style, the new Fill property can now be used to customized the fill behavior of a cell, row, column or range.

  • In Style, the styles of the cells are now written correctly into the document, which prevents the creation of a corrupted document.

  • In Style, using an uninstalled font name no longer throws an invalid exception. As in MS Excel, the font name will be set but a default font will be used for display purposes instead.

  • In Tables, loading and saving has been optimized to improve performance when the workbook contains many tables.

  • In TableCollection, the int indexer now always returns the valid Table based on the Id received.

  • A new property in Workbook, called Theme, is now available to customize the colors of the Workbook's Theme.

  • In Workbook, writing styles now overrides the cellStyleXfs's number format Ids and font Ids so that a valid workbook can be saved.

  • In WorkbookView, the insertion of WorkbookViews is now done as follows: Workbook.WorkbookViews.Add( new WorkbookView() );

  • A Worksheet can now be inserted at any position in the workbook

  • In Worksheet, new methods are now available to insert or delete columns.

  • In Worksheet, the new InsertRows and DeleteRows methods can now be used to insert or delete multiple rows.

  • In Worksheet, inserting and deleting rows is now faster due to performance improvements.

  • In Worksheet, a new ImportData method can now be used to import data of the Array, 2D-Array, ArrayList, ICollection, IDictionary, DataTable, DataView or CSV path/stream type. This new method also includes a parameter that gives more flexibility when importing data of specific types.

  • The Trial watermarked worksheet now displays the trial text using a nicer style.

  • In WorksheetCollection, optimizations were made in order to improve the loading and saving time for workbooks containing many worksheets.

Xceed Words for .NET 2.3
  • In Document, the InsertParagraph(Paragraph p) method now inserts the paragraph's style in the document.

  • In Document, the FindUniqueByPattern method now returns the elements found in the main body, the headers and the footers of the document.

  • In Document, inserting a document after another, when one or both of those documents contain charts, now correctly outputs a document with those charts.

  • In Document, replacing a text with a table no longer creates an empty paragraph.

  • In Document, the GetPageCount method no longer closes the package after getting the page count.

  • In Document, inserting a paragraph at a specific index or cloning a paragraph no longer throws an out of bound exception.

  • In Document, inserting a document that contains headers and/or footers after another document no longer throws a packageRelationship Id exception.

  • In Header/Footer, it is now possible to use the InsertContent() method to add HTML/RTF content.

  • In PDF Conversion, the table of contents is now converted to PDF.

  • In PDF Conversion, an InFrontOfText picture or shape now gets drawn in the header or footer when a document contains many different sections.

  • In PDF Conversion, converting the same image twice with one version being cropped now correctly sizes the converted cropped image.

  • In PDF Conversion, merging cells vertically now correctly converts the result to PDF.

  • In PDF Conversion, converting a document to PDF no longer throws a null ref exception when using a Table of content with empty links.

  • In PDF Conversion, using complex ListItems values in a list no longer throws an exception because the item is already present in the list.

  • In Table, inserting a row now inserts the same number of cells as in the preceding row.

Xceed Toolkit Plus for WPF 4.4
  • Toolkit's dlls for .NET5 now works well on a .NET6 application.

  • In AvalonDock, the NavigatorWindow no longer flickers when opened for the first time.

  • In AvalonDock, Belgian-Dutch culture is now supported.

  • In AvalonDock, docking a FloatingWindow in another FloatingWindow no longer doubles the header.

  • In AvalonDock, canceling the closing of a LayoutAnchorable now keeps its content visible.

  • In AvalonDock, floating a LayoutContent contained in a Pane, which itself is contained in a group, now removes the unused panes/groups to resize the remaining pane/groups in the layout using the leftover space.

  • In AvalonDock, setting CacheDocumentTabItems/CacheAnchorablesTabItems to true and floating the last LayoutDocument/LayoutAnchorable no longer displays empty content when the LayoutDocument/LayoutAnchorable is docked back.

  • In AvalonDock, setting FloatingWidth or FloatingHeight on a LayoutContent inside the FloatingWindows.CollectionChanged callback now uses those new values for the floating window that is about to pop-up.

  • In AvalonDock, an invalidOperationException is no longer thrown after floating and maximizing LayoutAnchorables/LayoutDocuments and closing the main Window.

  • In Charts Axis, an exception is no longer thrown when ScaleMode is set to Manual and LabelsType is set to DateTime. This is because the ChartAxisView sample was adjusted to force ScaleMode to Automatic when LabelsType uses the DateTime DataPoints format.

  • In CheckComboBox, the AllItemsSelectedContent property, inherited from Xceed.Wpf.Toolkit.Primitives.SelectAllSelector, is now available to get/set the content of the Text property when all items are checked.

  • In DateTimePicker, a Today button has been added on the calendar in order to set the selected date to the current date. Two new properties, called TodayButtonContent and TodayButtonVisibility, have also been added to get/set the button’s content and visibility.

  • In DateTimePicker, a new property, called AutoCloseCalendarOnTimeSelection, can now be used to automatically close the Calendar popup when a new time selection is made.

  • In DateTimePicker, the new TimePickerTimeListItemsStyle property now allows to get/set the style of the TimeListItems objects found in the DateTimePicker’s TimePicker control.

  • In TimePicker, the new TimeListItemsStyle property now allows to get/set the style of the TimeItems objects.

  • In DoubleUpDown, using FormatString and modifying the numerical part no longer removes the decimal part.

  • In ExtendedTabControl, a new property, called PreviousNextButtonsPosition, can now be used to get or set the positions of the Previous/Next Tab buttons.

  • In MaterialDesign LiveExplorer, the DataGrid now defines a value for BorderThickness so that the boundaries of the DataGrid’s border can be seen.

  • In MaterialDesign Theme, all PropertyGrid UpDowns editors now use a default value for their height to avoid changing the height of PropertyItems on mouseover.

  • In Metro Theme, the DropDownButtonContent now displays its default content when a DateTimePicker/TimePicker/CalculatorUpDown control is used in AvalonDock and a CacheDocumentTabItems/CacheAnchorableTabItems is set to true.

  • In NavigatorWindow, two new properties, LayoutAnchorablesLabel and LayoutDocumentsLabel, are now available to get/set the labels representing the NavigatorWindow’s active layout anchorables and layout documents.

  • In PropertyGrid, 2 new events, CategoryExpanded and CategoryCollapsed, are now raised when a category is respectively expanded or collapsed.

  • In SelectAllSelector, a new property, called AllItemsSelectedContent, is now available to get/set the content of the Text property when all items are checked.

  • In TimeSpanUpDown, a new property, called ShowHours, is now available to hide/show the hours.

  • In the WatermarkComboBox control, the WatermarkBackground property can now be used to get/set the control's background color.

  • In WindowControl, MessageBox and StyleableWindow controls, a new property, called WindowTitleAlignment, can now be used to get/set the horizontal alignment of the controls’ title.

  • In DataGridControl, a new property, called AllowUIAutomation, now allows to enable/disable the UI Automation support.

  • 4 Febrero 2022

    February 4th, 2022 Release

    Xceed Words for .NET 2.2
    • The .NET5, dlls for Words now works well with .NET6 applications.

    • In PDF Conversion, saving the document as a docx prior to converting it to PDF is no longer necessary.

    • In PDF Conversion, converting a table that contains a table in one of its cells no longer raises an OutOfRange Exception.

    • In PDF Conversion, a table located inside a table no longer displays larger than it should when exported in PDF.

    • In PDF Conversion, a table located inside a table now has an appropriate left margin.

    • In PDF Conversion, a paragraph containing only a shape and no text no longer shifts the shape away from the paragraph.

    • In PDF Conversion, first line indentation now displays the PDF paragraph text with a valid indentation.

    • In PDF Conversion, paragraphs displayed on 2 pages now display all their lines of text.

    • In PDF Conversion, a large text that uses Single line paragraphs no longer gets cut vertically.

    • In PDF Conversion, ListItems now displays the valid decimal value when starting at 2.

    • In Document, modifying the header content before inserting the document in another document no longer loses the header modifications.

    • In Document, using a trial license for a document containing 1 or 2 of the usual headers (first, odd, even) no longer creates an InvalidOperationException when saving.

    • In Document, instead of returning the current document when a call to the Copy method fails, an exception is now raised

    • In Document, inserting a document when the useSectionBreak parameter is set to false now inserts the document without adding an unnecessary section break.

    • In Section, the Tables property now returns all the tables in the current section. Also, the Remove method now removes all the tables from a section, including the first table.

    • In Table, the IndentFromLeft property now returns the expected value.

    • In Container, removing all paragraphs from a table now also removes the table.

    Xceed Workbooks for .NET 1.1
    • Worbooks dlls for .NET5 now works well with a .NET6 application.

    • Workbooks now supports picture manipulation.

    • Workbooks now supports hyperlink.

    • Worksheets can now be moved using the indexer of the Worksheet collection.

    • Worksheet can now be removed using the indexer of the Worksheet collection.

    • Worksheets can now be copied in a target collection.

    • In Table, resizing a table containing a TotalRow in order to use less rows no longer corrupts the document.

    • In Table, modifying the ShowHeaderRow property now works correctly and sets valid column header names.

    • In Table, a TableColumn’s name can now be modified once the Table has been created.

    • In Column, the AutoFit() method can now be called to adjust the width of the column based on the cell with the widest content

    • In ColumnCollection, ColumnRanges can now be retrieved by using the new indexers [int, int] or [string, string]. In addition, the ColumnCollection now offers an AutoFit() method that allows to adjust the width of the columns based on their cell that has the widest content.

    • ColumnRanges are now supported and can be used to AutoFit a range of columns with one function call.

    • In Cell, setting the Value using an enum, a char or a guid, now converts the Cell content to a string, preventing from a corrupted output document.

    • In Cell, the maximum number of characters that be set on the Value property is now 32 767.

    Xceed Toolkit Plus for WPF 4.3.1
    • In AvalonDock, The AnchorableSources property now works as expected.

    • In AvalonDock, ActiveContent no longer resets to the first LayoutContent when new LayoutContents is added.

    • In AvalonDock, docking a floating window using the title bar's Dock command now correctly docks the floatingWindow inside the main window.

    • In AvalonDock, docking a LayoutAnchorable by using the ContextMenu's Dock command now sets the IsFloating property to false and correctly updates the FloatingWindows collection.

    • In AvalonDock, deserializing a DockingManager that contains floating windows no longer throws an “Unable to find a pane with Id” exception.

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