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Xceed Summer Update! 2022

Xceed Summer Update! 2022

For this summer update, we have quite a few things to cover.  

First, all our popular products have received: features, updates, bug fixes and performance enhancements. We’re also already testing our products for .NET 7, which will be released this November 2022. We want to reassure our users that Xceed will fully support .NET 7. You can find out more about .NET 7 here: 

Xceed is also currently investigating the possibility of developing innovative products for new technologies such as MAUI and Blazor. Our nonvisual components such as Words for .NET, Xceed Zip for .NET are already working properly in these environments should you decide to use these technologies. We are currently working on samples for Blazor for you to get started! Feel free to provide any feedback you may have regarding these technologies. 

Our next release is scheduled for this fall. Here’s a list of things we are currently working on: 

Xceed DataGrid for WPF

  • Material Design Theme

  • Fluent Theme: Based on WinUI3, works perfectly with Windows 11 look and feel.

 Xceed Extended Toolkit for WPF

  • Material Design Theme

  • Fluent Theme: Based on WinUI3, works perfectly with Windows 11 look and feel.

  • Considerable amount of fixes and updates for Avalon Dock

Xceed Words for .NET

  • Performance enhancements and added multiple fixes.

  • PDF Conversion will be improved

Xceed Zip for .NET

  • We’ve added an example of how to use multiple threads to unzip a zip archive.

  • We will be adding optimization that quickly copies items from one zip file to another without recompression.


  • Adding support for TLS 1.3 for more compatibility with modern servers.

Xceed Workbooks for .NET

  • The product is reaching a very state of maturity already, a lot of added features that we will be detailing

  • Many new features were added in Workbooks, like:
    Inserting Comments and Notes
    Hiding or unhiding Worksheets, Rows and Columns,
    Modifying a zoom or a view in a SheetView,
    Formatting only parts of a Cell's content instead of the whole content,
    Rotating the content of a Cell,
    Using built-in styles on Cells, Rows, Columns or Ranges,
    Freezing Rows and Columns or splitting them,
    Replacing the Worksheet's Cells  content with a string, Date, number, bool or hyperlink.

This is just a part of what will be offered in the fall update, you can expect more information as we get closer to our release. Should you want to test some of these functionalities, please let me know at and I will do my best to provide you with early versions. 

Until then, happy coding!


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