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Fall Release 2022

Fall Release 2022

Fall is already here and Xceed has been very busy over the past months working on new features and functionalities for our ever-growing product line. Let’s have a look at our WPF products first and then discuss our .NET Libraries.

First, let’s talk about Xceed’s DataGrid for WPF. Version 7.1 of this product will finally include two brand new themes: Material Design and Fluent UI. Material Design follows design patterns set up by the Google/Android family, while our Fluent theme follows some principles found in Windows 11 and WinUI 3. In fact, if some of your users are in a Windows 11 environment, we highly recommend using this theme as it will be a better fit for their environment. It goes without saying that version 7.1 also fixes a considerable number of minor issues with a variety of functionalities, the details of which are exposed in the “What’s New” section of Xceed DataGrid for WPF’s page on our website.

Xceed Extended Toolkit for WPF also received a considerable number of fixes and enhancements. More specifically, a lot of work was done to update the Extended Tab Control. We’ve added navigation controls and the option to add or remove tabs item dynamically, which is well worth your attention if you use a Tab Control within your application!

As for our libraries, it’s worth mentioning that we’ve brought a considerable number of new features and functionalities to Xceed Workbooks for .NET, an amazing lite weight tool that will allow you to modify and create Excel files (XLSX) within your application. For existing and new users, this update is definitely a must! In fact, I encourage you to go check out the “What’s New” section of this product on our website just to see it for yourself, but if you don’t have the time or are too lazy to do so, here’s a quick list of functionalities that were added to the new version:

  • You can now protect Worksheets and Workbooks.

  • Comments and Notes can now be added, edited and, of course, removed.

  • Rows and Columns can now be hidden or frozen.

  • The content of Cells can now be formatted using more than one style.

  • Tables, Pictures, Hyperlinks and MergedCells can now be removed.

  • All in all, 68 bug fixes and improvements were added to version 1.3!

Xceed Words for .NET is another one of our products that has received a considerable number of fixes and updates. In short, there are 33 bug fixes, 16 improvements to the PDF conversion functionalities and improved .NET 5+ support to top it all off!

These are the major points of this current release; more products have also been updated and you can find a list of these extra changes in each product’s “What’s New” section, which can be accessed via a button on the various products pages on our website. You can also check the “Release Notes” section of the website to have a very nerdy and detailed list of all the changes made to every product included in our Fall release.

And of course, should you have any questions about this release, feel free to contact me at

Happy coding!

Matt from Xceed

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