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A day in the life of your Xceed team

A day in the life of your Xceed team

Managing Work & Family Life

We are parents, brothers, sisters, kids, business owners, employees. But most importantly, we are world citizens and we stand in unity when it comes to hard times. We want to reach out to you today and speak as citizens, not business people.

Today, in our first installment of "a day in the life of" we share with you a day in the life of one of our passionate employees who faces challenges just as you may be as well. As a mother of 2 young boys, a dedicated employee and devoted family member, Roxanne shares her day in her new reality.

How many weeks have you been in confinement?
"Lockdown" was officially announced on march 13th here in Canada, and Xceed quickly deployed its work from home policy so this would make it 7 full weeks.

How has working from home changed your routine?
Actually, it's hard to have one! ? I find myself lost in time throughout the day. It's not just the work from home, it's the fact that the kids are home, everything has been closed and I find myself having to "manage" the home! Something that used to fall into place naturally, requires much more effort and it's easy to get distracted.  

Family, work, how do you keep it all in sync when your home all day?
I’m lucky enough that my spouse has been off for some time too, it gives me the opportunity to work almost full time but he is now going back to work. So, that means 2 young children home full time for at least another 3 months, I will need a well planned out daily calendar lol

What is the biggest challenge you face?
Staying positive and remembering that there is light at the end of the tunnel after all of this…

What do you miss most from being at work?
The view, the calmness and listening to adult music hihi

What is one piece of advice you’d like to share?
If you are still working throughout all of this (or not), you absolutely need to take some ‘’me’’ time, take a walk alone or just have a video call with your friends, it goes a long way!

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