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Chart for ASP.NET : chart asp.net, graph asp.net, 2d, 3d, pie, bar, bubble, candle, opengl, gdi+, Web forms, webforms

High-quality, lightning-fast ASP.NET 2D/3D chart control
Current version for .NET 4: 4.3 (History)
Current version .NET 3.5 SP1 & lower: 4.2
Platform: ASP.NET
Price: $999.95 USD for a 1-year subscription
          Perpetual, royalty-free license
          45-day trial, 60-day satisfaction guarantee

Chart for ASP.NET Updates : draw line, axis, legend

Xceed’s powerful .NET charting solution is the component of choice for Microsoft, among others!
Xceed Chart for .NET used in Microsoft's Windows Home Server!

When it came to implementing parts of the client-side and server-side of its Windows Home Server product, Microsoft chose Xceed Chart for .NET and Xceed Zip for .NET! Xceed's .NET charting control handles displaying charts with statistics on free storage space, usage, etc. Xceed's industry-leading .NET Zip compression library is used to compress and package files so they can be downloaded as a single Zip file onto a computer over the Internet when the home server is accessed remotely.

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