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Compelling & stunning 3D interactivity! Great WPF coverflow experience.
Current version for .NET 4.5/4: 5.7 (History)
Current version for .NET 3.5 SP1 & lower: 3.9
Platforms: WPF, .NET 4.6, 4.5, 4.0 and 3.5
Price: $999.95 USD for a 1-year subscription 
          Perpetual, royalty-free license
          45-day trial, 60-day satisfaction guarantee

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camera position and angle, field of view, card textures, .NET 3.5

WPF / .NET Technology
  • Created entirely for WPF and built for .NET 4.X and with a special build for .NET 3.5.
  • Written in C# and XAML.
  • Complete source code is available through a Blueprint subscription.
  • Supports UI virtualization, so only elements currently in view are created and kept. Provides faster loading time, uses less memory.
  • Design-time support in Visual Studio 2015 / 2012 / 2010 / 2008.
  • Design-time configuration window that lets you set up the most important features quickly and easily.
  • XBAP-friendly, CLS compliant, and uses no unsafe blocks. No special permissions are required, so it can run within the limited permission set granted to XBAP applications.
  • Based on a flexible and extensible object model, with modular and reusable visual elements.
  • The cells are true WPF content controls, so they can contain anything.
  • Supports the WPF command infrastructure, for example letting you map a toolbar button to "enter edit" in a cell.
  • Comprehensive documentation fully integrated into Visual Studio is provided.
  • Supports Right-To-Left and Inking.
  • Supports regional settings including numbers, money type, dates, etc.
  • Includes a variety of VB.NET and C# sample applications to get you started.
  • All error handling works through .NET exception classes.
  • Can also be used in your Windows Forms applications.
  • Can be used in conjunction with the MVVM and MVC design and architectural patterns.
  • Integrates well into dashboard and business intelligence software.
Views and Themes
  • Ships with a stunning, interactive Cardflow™ 3D view. The included Cardflow 3D™ view—Xceed’s implementation of the Coverflow graphical user interface for WPF—delivers a linear presentation of the kind of flowing item animation that can be seen in carousel and rolodex views. Gives complete control over aspects such as card offsets, spacing, and angles; camera position and angle; and field of view.
  • Ships with four multi-surface themes: Three Office 2007 themes (Blue, Black, and Silver), and Chameleon (which lets you choose the gradient colors).
  • Ships with several backgrounds, as well as textures for the cards.
  • Project template for Visual Studio that sets up a new theme project so you can create your own. A tutorial on creating a custom theme is also included to help you get started.
Rich In-place Editing
  • Features rich in-place editing.
  • Updates source when the cell or row exits edit mode or immediately when the cell content changes.
  • Routed edit events for both cell and row, providing fine-grained control over the edit process.
  • Provides configurable keyboard and mouse edit commands.
  • Programmatic control over edit mode.
  • Provides Excel-like default keyboard and mouse edit behavior, including F2, Esc (cancel edit on a cell and restore the original value), Double-Esc (cancel edit on the entire row and restore the original values) and Enter.
  • Allows you to specify a different visual template for a cell being edited.
  • Cell editors can be displayed without entering edit mode, under a variety of conditions such as a mouse hover over the cell or row, the cell or row becoming current, the row being edited, or always.
  • Single-click edit mode allows entering edit mode and activating items such as check, text, and combo boxes with one click.
  • Automatically selects the appropriate editor control depending on the field data type.
  • Triggers meaningful edit events for both rows and cells.
  • Manages “null” and “DbNull” values.
  • Any portion of the control can be made read-only.
  • Cells can be non-focusable when read-only, so they can’t be selected with either the mouse or the keyboard. (New in v3.7)
Input Validation
  • Includes built-in data validation.
  • Supports IDataErrorInfo.
  • Supports IEditableObject and error style when IEditableObject’s EndEdit throws an exception when trying to leave edit mode.
  • Validation error display is integrated with the included view.
  • You can completely style the way a cell looks when a validation error occurs.
  • Can validate on any criteria, including the values of other cells.
  • Validation error messages are overridable and localizable.
  • Expandable and compatible with custom validation rules you have already built.
Data Binding
  • Easy binding to XML data sources.
  • Inserting records into non-IBindingList sources.
  • Programmatic Excel-like end-user filtering automatically filters items contained in the underlying data source.
  • Custom CollectionView that provides fine-grained and efficient control over its underlying data source.
  • Fully supports WPF data binding.
  • Displays, edits and works with bound data, unbound data or a combination of both simultaneously.
  • Can be bound directly to an array of simple types such as String, Decimal, DateTime, TimeSpan, Guid or Primitive (e.g., SByte, Byte, Int32, etc.) and will show the value of those types in one column.
  • Automatically obtains and synchronizes bound data from any .NET source, including jagged arrays, any object that implements IListSource or IList, and any ADO.NET DataSet, DataTable, DataView or DataViewManager object.
  • Can intercept, parse and modify data being synchronized with the database from the control.
Other Features
  • Programmatic custom criteria sort.
  • Scrolls the view to any card.
  • Configurable item scrolling (immediate or deferred).
  • Customizable “today” label in the Calendar.
  • 14 statistical functions that can be used both inside and outside of the 3D view in any element. Sorting is now supported on the results of these functions (New in v4.1).
  • A Resource Center that centralizes various assets and which provides news feeds for the latest developments concerning the product.
Live Demonstration
  • Try the Live Explorer XBAP application, which demonstrates the datagrid and lets you get a feel for it without installing anything.